Famous Berrymans

John Berryman

John Berryman was born in Dudley, Worcestershire, on 18 July 1825, and died on 27 June 1896, at Woldingham, Surrey, where he is buried in St Agatha's Churchyard.

At the age of 29, he was serving as a Troop Sergeant-Major in the17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own) during the Crimean War.

On 25 October 1854, at Balaclava, during the Charge of the Light Brigade, after his horse had been shot under him, he stopped on the field with a wounded officer, amidst a storm of shot and shell. Two sergeants, J Farrell and J Malone, went to help him, and between them they carried the wounded officer out of range of the guns.

John Berryman retired from the army with the rank of Major, having been awarded the Victoria Cross for his valour during the Charge of the Light Brigade.
He was awarded the medal at the first investiture of the Victoria Cross by Queen Victoria held in Hyde Park, London, on Friday, 26th June 1857, along with 61 other Crimean War veterans

If you have any more information regarding the family of Major John Berryman, please pass it on to his great-great-great-niece, Mrs Bryony Santer.

William Berryman

William Berryman was an English artist who produced over 300 pencil and watercolor studies of the people, flora, landscape, and buildings of the island of Jamaica over a period of 8 years. These were intended for a series of engravings, but he died before carrying this out. However, the drawings were preserved in an album that was recently acquired by the Library of Congress.

Picture: Woman Beating Cassava, Jamaica.

Theodore Roosevelt as Rough Rider with Clifford Berryman's bear.

Clifford Berryman

During a hunting trip in the southern United States in 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt went bear hunting. When a bear was finally cornered near a water hole, it was injured in a fight with one of the group's hunting dogs, and Roosevelt ordered the wounded bear to be humanely put out of its misery.

A newspaper cartoonist for the Washington Post, Clifford Berriman, witnessed the incident and turned it into a cartoon. This later reulted in the creation of the "Teddy Bear"

Sir Frank Berryman

Lieut.-General Sir Frank Berryman does not rank in the annals of famous Australian generals. He is not spoken of with reverence on ANZAC Day, nor is his name associated with the deeds of great Australian military men. It does not conjure up the same romantic, heroic or controversial images of contemporaries such as Lavarack, Rowell, Morshead or Bennett, and yet the achievements of this unassuming, yet forthright, general stand alongside, and in some cases above, his contemporaries who enjoy greater fame in popular memory and history. He appears in most histories of Australia in the Second World War as a footnote, but this greatly belies his importance and achievements.

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Gwen Berryman 

1906-1983.   English actress, born in Wolverhampton. Played "Doris Archer" in the BBC Radio series "The Archers", 1951-1980

Dorothée Berryman (born 1948), the noted Canadian actress and singer
Guy Berryman (born 1978), of the group Coldplay
John Berryman (1914 - 1972), the American poet
Michael Berryman (born 1948), the American character actor
Paul Berryman, of Australian alternative rock band The Superjesus
Phillip Berryman, the American theological author


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